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You're On Mute Detector

It's the catchphrase of the last year.

But this Deaf Awareness Week we are putting it to good use!

Our 'You're On Mute Detector' works in Chrome browser and records how many times you say the phrase during your next call, then prompts you to donate that amount on our JustGiving page.

Click the button to try it!

Chrome Browser Required  Chrome Browser Required

Watch Our Film

Watch a message in sign language from Zambian Deaf Children.

Find out more about our campaign from Kajija, age 18, and Annety, age 17, in Zambian Sign Language.

​ Kajija and Annety are two of many young people benefitting from DeafKidz International's global programmes.

You're On Mute Background

Download Our Zoom Background

When "You're On Mute" happens, everybody donates!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD our background image, and use it on your next call!
Don't forget to add our URL unmutetodonate.com into the group chat and challenge everyone to donate if they talk on mute!

You're On Mute Campaign You're On Mute Campaign You're On Mute Campaign
You're On Mute Campaign

DeafKidz International is a deaf-led organisation, with safeguarding and protection of deaf children, young people and adults at the centre of all our work.

We prevent and mitigate the abuse of deaf children, young people and vulnerable adults

We reduce risk and vulnerability by ensuring accessibility and removing barriers to communication for deaf children, young people and adults.

We ensure deaf children, young people and adults have equal access to health, education and economic opportunities.

We enhance deaf-led representation and advocacy, empowering international, regional, national and local organisations of and for deaf people to represent and advocate the rights of the deaf communities they serve.

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